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September 5, 2017

Joe Farrelly retires after 44 years at The Jack Farrelly Co.



September 5, 2017

Jay Farrelly promoted to Sales Manager



April 10, 2017

  New Branch Manager -



April 10, 2017

  New Salesman -
  East Lyme




The Jack Farrelly Company Service Department has its roots tied to the construction industry dating back as far as mid 1970’s. At the time, Jack Farrelly had vision – service what we sell. He purchased a United Survey Air Test Trailer and started low pressure air testing and leak locating for his customers. This proved to be a time and money saving measure for his customers; a quick and easy method of testing new sewer mains. Contractors no longer needed to perform infiltration/exfiltration tests and did not need to purchase the new and expensive equipment. They could concentrate on doing what they got paid to do – put pipe in the ground.

The vision grew again in mid 1980’s with the addition of manhole coring. This “on time” approach at the start of the job once again proved to be a cost saving measure for our customers. No more jack hammering and trying to patch-up manholes. No more waiting for the big concrete coring and cutting companies to fit you in. And with the addition of the first of its kind coring and testing service truck we set the standards for the industry.

Today, The Jack Farrelly Company Service Department continues to set the standards for the industry and continues to be the leader in the water and waste water industries. No longer just low pressure air testing and manhole coring; line stops, taps, inserting valves and the list goes on.

So When Service Counts, think of the leader.

The Jack Farrelly Company Service Department

Full Service Anytime, Anyplace, whatever your needs – 24/7


· Hydrostatic Pressure Testing
· Leak Locating
· Service Taps ¾” – 2”
· Water Main Taps 2 ½” – 60”
· Hot Taps ¾” – 24”
· Chlorination/De-Chlorination
· Line Stopping ¾” – 60”
· Inserting Valves ¾” – 12”
· Pipe Freezing
· Valve & Hydrant Repairs,
  Service & Planned
  Preventive Maintenance
· Pipe Locating, Tracing &
  Mark Outs
· Low Pressure Air Testing
  2” – 15”

· Large Diameter Air Testing
  18” – 60”

· Vacuum Testing

· Leak Locating

· Concrete Coring

· Smoke Testing

· Confined Space Entry Service
· Pipe Locating, Tracing &
  Mark Outs